Leo Ryan Articles

Dorchester (Part 2)

This article by Br. Leo Ryan, CSV, was published in Bulletin No. 239 of the Iowa Postal History Association in the fourth quarter of 2006.

(Continued from last issue)

The fourth postmaster recorded in the United States Postal History archives is Thomas Danaher. He succeeded Eugene Bums on March 21, 1894 and served until January 19, 1898 a period of three years and ten months. He entered upon his appointment during the Administration of President Grover Cleveland and continued only briefly during the Administration of President William McKinley. The Official Register of the United States shows his compensation for 1895 as $111.62 and for 1897 as $121.88. There is no record or memory of how or whether this Thomas Danaher was related to Thomas A. Danaher and his descendents. He is, however, buried in the St. Mary Parish Cemetery in Dorchester.